One of my other interests is computer programming. This is something that I never studied "professionally", so it is truly a passion. 

Over the years, I have often come up against a wish to be able to do something or to know something that I could get through an intelligent use of a computer. For all of us, even those who don't write computer code, computers have created ways of relating to information and communication (think skype, youtube, facebook) that was not possible even a decade ago (NB: this is being written in 2015). In my case, while I gladly use software tools that already exist - if they serve my purpose - I have also had many dreams of software that I haven't seen yet. (It might be out there - I simply  haven't been able to find it). 

I have no doubt that I am not unique in this. In fact, I read a lot of programming forums (when time permits) and I notice many interesting projects that people seem to pursue all the time out there in the world. Maybe you, too, are one of those people.

So, on this page, I want to share with you some of my projects, and - if you see a benefit in them for your own life - invite you to join in realizing them. 

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