Most of Anatoly's performances are with other musicians.

During his years in Minnesota, Anatoly was a member of Zeitgeist, a chamber ensemble dedicated to the promotion of modern music, based in St. Paul Minnesota.  His collaborators there were Heather Barringer (percussion), Patti Cudd (percussion), Pat O'Keefe (clarinet) and Yuri Merzhevsky (violin).

He was also a member of two different piano trios at his alma mater, University of Minnesota: 1) Kathryn Bennett (violin), Daniel Schomper (cello) and 2) Gillian Smith (violin), Mira Frisch (cello).

After settling in North Carolina, Anatoly has collaborated with:

David Kelsey (piano),  Karen Allred (piano),  Emi Nakajima (piano), Tad Hardin (piano),  Phil Amalong (piano), Tanja Bechtler (cello), Matthias Kramer (baritone), Jonathan Kramer (cello),  Riverdeep Male Choir (cond. Bill Adams), Olga Kleiankina (piano), Lenny Finkelshteyn (double bass), Bonnie Thron (cello), Fred Jacobowitz (clarinet), Alex Gorodezky (guitar),  Katherine Gilger (violin), Solomon Eichner (piano), Matvey Lapin (violin) and many others.