I met Marcel Talangbayan (1973-2018) in Minnesota. He was the kind of musician, who I felt was able to understand music "polyphonically", instantly recognizing how different passages related to each other harmonically. Adding his fun-loving personality to the mix, he would sometimes come up with crowd-pleasing encores that he dubbed "Classical Medleys".  He never wrote them down but simply memorized them. However, I thought it would be great to share his work with the world.

Here is the first page of "Classical Medley No.2".

To receive the full score, please make a $10 or greater donations to meritmusic.org, an organization with which Marcel collaborated, using any ONE of the links below:

After submitting the payment, you will receive the link to the full score in your email. (If there is a problem, and you do not receive a score within 24 hours, please contact me directly.)

Marcel's Youtube Channel