Anatoly supports modern music both as a composer and a performer.

Ever since premiering a suite of piano pieces by his fellow student at Douglas Academy (Scotland), Alastair Mitchell, Anatoly has continued to collaborate with composers of all styles ever since.

While in London, he premiered works by Tansy Davies, Oscar Bettison, William Attwood, John Douglas Templeton, Marc Teitler and others.

In Minnesota, Anatoly performed music by Paul Dresher, Amy Wurtz, Carl Witt, Joan Tower, Andy Rindfleisch, Scott L. Miller, Roger Kleier, Ji-Hyun Kim,  Jean Jeanrenaud, Jon Jang, Kathy Jackanich, John Starosta, Anthony Gatto, Tina Davidson, Brent Michael Davids, Martin Bresnick, Beth Custer, Mary Ellen Childs, Abbie Betinis, J. Anthony Allen, Marc Applebaum, Elizabeth Alexander, Shirley Mier and many others.

In North Carolina, Anatoly has worked with composers who participated in Sensoria Festival at CPCC (Charlotte) and Charlotte New Music Festival.

Anatoly's ongoing collaborations are with composers Craig Bove and John Starosta who have written a number of their works for him.

In addition to performing live, Anatoly uses his reproducing pianos to help composers realize music that requires computer control in addition to the human touch (e.g., such as in The Pianos without Organs Festival of 2016, or in Starosta's ongoing Series of Lyrical Treatments).

List of composers