In Minneapolis, through his teacher, Alexander Braginsky, the founder of the Piano-e-Competition, Anatoly was able to become familiar with Yamaha's Disklavier Pro technology. Later, Anatoly met John Q Walker, who had founded Zenph, a music technology company. The mission of Zenph was to let people hear the performances of the great pianists of the past live again.  

Because most of those pianists are no longer alive, the following needs to take place  to hear them live:
-First, a recording of a pianist (like Glenn Gould, Vladimir Horowitz, Sergei Rachmaninoff etc.) needs to be analyzed and described in utmost detail, including every note, every dynamic, every articulation, every pedal motion and so on.
-With that analysis, a performance data file can be created.
-The data file can then be used to control the state-of-the-art reproducing piano, such as the Yamaha Disklavier Pro, or Steinway's Spirio.

The result - a real piano is played by "robotic feet and fingers" (computer-controlled solenoids) to sound exactly like a real pianist.

At Zenph, Anatoly led the effort to create and fine-tune the above process, resulting in the so-called "Re-Performances®" of Glenn Gould, Art Tatum, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Oscar Peterson and others.

Later, when Zenph's digital assets were acquired by Steinway and Sons, Anatoly joined their team as a consultant, continuing to create Re-Performances® of Steinway Immortals and beyond. Today, these Re-Performances® can be heard live on any Spirio piano; for instance, at the Steinway piano dealers around the globe.