Ever since being introduced to the concept of improvisation by his first teacher, Nadezhda Matsaeva, Anatoly would prefer to do that instead of practicing the assigned pieces.

...musical improvisation is essential, like speaking without reading what you are saying...

Anatoly has used improvisation in his concert performances, music and piano teaching as well as conducting improvisation workshops with both professionals and amateurs.

In addition to Matsaeva's methods for teaching improvisation, Anatoly was inspired by David Dolan's Improvisation Studies at the Guildhall School, where he used such improvisational exercises as "musical ping-pong" amongst others

Anatoly has collaborated with seasoned improvisers like Patrick Crossland (trombone), Pat O'Keefe (Clarinet), Joey Chang (piano) and many others, exploring styles ranging from Total Improvisation to Flamenco Fusion to Jazz to |...+++0~!

Introduction to improvisation for beginners (2022)

Improvisation by Anatoly Larkin and Pat O'Keefe at Studio Z, St. Paul, MN (2010)

An ongoing series of "Frivolous Improvisation" for solo piano (2023- )

With John Bayless. From "Bach and Friends" documentary by Michael Lawrence (2008).