This Stupid Website

Maintaining this website is a major pain.

I want it to present some basic information and do some things that I want it to do.

So, I had spent a lot of time figuring some workarounds around the limitations imposed by google on what you can do in a website hosted by google (this website is hosted by google). It's not merely hosted - that would imply that I create whatever website I want and then merely upload it to google, so that it displays my things on it, like any hosting service. No, google provides tools to easily put a website together, but it also restricts you to not allow certain kinds of website tricks. Google describes it as being "powered by Google". And that's my problem.

For example, I wanted to have some of the pages on this website display my videos that are hosted by Google/Youtube. And to do that you need to use "Gadgets" that you "insert" onto the page in this site.

So, I tried doing that, but I couldn't find the gadget that could do exactly what I wanted it to do. (Be able to play my playlists, not just single videos, be able to start from a specific second in the video etc.)

Then I finally did.

And it worked for a while. 

But then Google changed something, and it stopped working. And it really sucks, because it broke all my video pages. And to fix it, it means I have to spend another who knows how many days figuring it out.

If I spend all this time, I don't get to do other things I like doing. Like practice piano. Website design is not my profession, so I naturally spend more time on this than a professional would.

Any suggestions? 

Are you an expert in javascript and Youtube Player API? 

Do you want to fix the "gadget" for me and I could do something music related for you - that way we both win?

It seems, there is the relevant info here,  then look at this "gadget" here. It used to work just fine until about 2015.