* Play and sing each line separately first (e.g., G, A, G, G). Use the same finger on the piano when doing so.

** Check by how much each part of the chord moves from one chord to the next.

* Play/sing complete chords down from the top note.

* Note the character of each chord (major, minor etc).

* Later, move the first note to the next white note (say, from G to A), and try to play the same progression in a different key. (First example is given). Note which black keys you had to play to make the progression sound right.

* NB: Read triads "down the diagonal" as you sing along.


G    A    G    G

 E    F    D    E

  C    C    B    C

(1 - starting note moved to A

A    B    A    A

 F#   G    E    F#

  D    D    C#   D)


G    G#   A    G    G

 E    E    E    D    E

  C    C    C    B    C


G    A    Ab   G    G    G

 E    F    F    E    D    E

  C    C    C    C    B    C