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Map 2014-01-08 Cello and Voice Recital with Jonathan and Matthias Kramer, 7:30pm, FREE Carol Woods Assembly Hall Chapel Hill, NC
Map 2014-01-05 Cello and Voice Recital with Jonathan and Matthias Kramer, 4pm, Charity concert for the victims of tsunami in Japan and typhoon in Philippines Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Raleigh) Raleigh, NC

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November 3: 4pm Carnival of the Animals with Olga Kleiankina at NSCU. Titmus Theater (see map). Free performance parking is available in the adjacent parking deck. $10/$8/$5


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October: concerts with a local male choir (I will play keyboards, not sing).  Here is the poster.
October 23: 7:30pm Russian Composers at Carol Woods.

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Piano Cello Voice recital with Jonathan and Matthias Kramer
Program includes Brahms' Sonata for Piano and Cello, Op. 38
(Chapel Hill, Carol Woods Assembly Hall - July 31st, 2013)


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STRAVINSKY 'Rite of Spring' - 2-piano version (with Tad Hardin)
at the Fletcher Theater
Mar 7 - 8pm
; Mar 8 - 8pm; Mar 9 - 2pm & 8pm; Mar 10 - 2pm
Mar 16 - 2pm & 8pm; Mar 17 - 2pm
Mar 23 - 2pm & 8pm; Mar 24 - 2pm
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Charlotte @ CPCC
Apr 15 - 7:30pm: Frederic Rzewski 'Coming Together' ... Halton Theater
Apr 16 - 5pm: Russian Composers Project (50 mins)
... Bryant Hall
Apr 17
 - 7:30: Music of Craig Bove
: "Faded Relics" and more ... Halton Theater
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