Below is a list of people together with whom I have improvised.
* Asterisks mark improvisations that happened without an audience.

J. Anthony Allen (electronics)
Norman Andersen (invented instrument)
Heather Barringer (percussion)
John Bayless (piano)
Phillip Blackburn (invented instrument)
*Kristina Blaumane (voice)
Joey Chang (piano)
Celeste Cinnabar (invented instrument)
Patrick Crossland (trombone)
Mike Croswell (invented instrument)
Patti Cudd (percussion)
Beth Custer (clarinet)
*Andrew Raffo Dewar (saxophones)

*David Dolan (piano)
Bob Fyfe (invented instrument)
*Alex Gorodezky (guitar)
Stefan Kac (tuba)
*Edwin Kobbe (cello)
*Mikhail Krishtal (piano)
Andrew Lafkas (double bass)
Chris Loomis (fr horn)
*Anders Lund (tuba)
David Means (invented instrument)
Yuri Merzhevsky (violin)
Pat O'Keefe (clarinets)
Jack Pavlik (invented instrument)
Kris Peck (invented instrument)
*Michael Prim (painter)
*Steve Rettner (keyboards)
*Maxim Rysanov (voice)
Steve Sandburg (invented instrument)
Davu Seru (percussion)
Jeremy Siskind (piano)
*John Starosta (keyboard)
Dixie Treichel (invented instrument)
*Lev Tsypin (clarinet)
*Wendy Ultan (violin & live electronics)
Luis Vallines (piano)
*John Q Walker (piano)
Amy Wurtz (keyboards, piano, percussion)