Schnittke Sonatas

In 2001-2003, I studied and performed the three piano sonatas by Alfred Schnittke.

Observing a number of typos in the printed scores, I spent time to figure out the "correct" notes (analyzing his canonic structures, and other elements).  I even tried to get hold of copies of Schnittke's autographs to verify some questionable spots.  At one point, I contacted Alexander Ivashkin, who happens to be Director of the Centre for Russian Music at the University of London, amongst other things, and he said, no, I have to visit the centre myself, they don't email scans of autographs.

I ordered the most recent edition of his Second Sonata (edited by Irina Schnittke, 2008), expecting to see those mistakes corrected.  Indeed, some were, but others weren't.

I have a desire to do a proper recording, "with all the right notes", at one point.

At this point, all I have are my live recordings from concerts in 2001 and 2003.

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